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12.5 Line Throw- All Genders - Swam From 2023-05-15 till 2024-07-20 with Age Range: 1/240- Ages as at date of Swim in All pool sizes from All Meets of All Event Types with swimmers who swim for NLS-

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Rank Name (Gender) Club Age at Swim
(Age at Date )
Course Date Swam League-Meet Age Group Results at Orginal Meet.
(May not be available)
SwimTime(ReactionTime) Points S&S Level
1st R.FJELDHEIM,M.Vaagsnes - Norwegian LS 17(18) LCM 2024-03-23 Speeds - RLSSUK-RLSS Speed 2024 in Sandwell 1st in 15/18 Yrs Age Group (15/18)
2nd in Open Age Group (1/250)
00:13.86(0) 422 Excellent
2nd I.AASUM,A.Stenbrenden - Norwegian LS 21(22) LCM 2024-03-23 Speeds - RLSSUK-RLSS Speed 2024 in Sandwell 9th in 19/29 Yrs Age Group (19/29)
14th in Open Age Group (1/250)
00:17.32(0) 216 Very Good